Be Like Holly

Last Sunday, Pastor Dan at Oviedo City Church told us the story of how he came to Christ. The story went like this: Back in high school, he wanted to go to the senior prom. The problem? He wasn’t a senior. In order to go to the prom and the all-night after party, he would have to get asked. So his senior friends helped him find a girl and identified Holly, who was cute, unattached, and most importantly, a senior. Dan proceeded to ask her to dinner and a movie the next weekend. She said, “sure,” and in turn, she asked him to a Bible study that Wednesday.

Accepting her invitation was the beginning of the rest of his new life. Since then, he has been a pastor at several churches and took two of our amazing church’s pastors under his wing. He has written several books and started the OCC Institute, a series of classes to help grow our congregation’s Bible knowledge. This month, the Institute just launched a 10-year endeavor to study the entire Bible, starting with 1 and 2 Peter. 

Just how many people has Dan brought to Christ? And to think about the multiplying effect — every person who Dan brought to Christ has themselves brought many, many more people into the church. All I can think to say is: WAY TO GO HOLLY! All it takes is a simple invite.