David's kingdom David anointed king of Judah

Day 110 (April 20): Judah anoints David, Saul’s son declared king, Israel v. Judah, Abner kills Asahel, David’s sons, David’s descendants, David’s warriors heralded

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Welcome to Livin’ Light’s Bible-In-A-Year challenge of discovering God’s love for us and His purpose for our lives. Here is the format for this great adventure: The daily reading assignment is posted at 5 a.m. After each day’s reading, Leigh An Coplin, the blog host, shares observations and poses questions about difficult passages to Rob Fields, who studied Christian Education at Asbury Seminary and currently teaches Biology in the Orlando area. To start from the beginning, click on 365 Bible Readings and scroll down to Day 1. The reading schedule is taken from The One Year Chronological Bible NLT. 

Today’s reading
2 Samuel 2-3:5
1 Chronicles 3:1-4a
2 Samuel 23:8-17
1 Chronicles 11:10-19
2 Samuel 23:18-39
1 Chronicles 11:20-47
(1010-1003, 970 BC) Click here for a timeline of the entire Bible.

Questions & Observations

Q. (2 Samuel 2:31): It seems that the tribe of Benjamin keeps taking a beating.  They were the ones that went to war with the rest of Israel in a reading a week or two ago, right?  Is Benjamin cursed?

A. Yes, they were involved in the war against the other tribes (Judges 20, Day 96).  I would not say they were cursed, but rather they are making bad choices.  They sided against the other tribes in the previous story, and they have sided with Saul’s side (the losing side) in this current battle.  The reason in this case is obvious: Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin, and it is unsurprising that his tribe would “lead” the fighting on behalf of Saul’s son, who in their eyes is the rightful heir to the throne.  Don’t worry too much about Benjamin, they will be on the right side of the conflict that will really have a lasting impact.  You’ll see.

O. (3:2-5): David has added to his wives collection.

Q. (23:8) What was the significance of the Three?

A. I wouldn’t read anything more into it then the story presents: David had an “inner circle” of warriors, his very best men.  These men had such impressive records of war, that they actually warrant mentioning THEIR exploits in the midst of David’s story.  The writer is giving some love to normally unsung heroes.  David will be in some hairy situations — some of which he causes — in the next few chapters, and these men will go a long way toward bailing him out.

O. (23:15-17): How awesome that although David was thirsty and longed for water, he gave it to the Lord.

For further study: Sacrificing your desires for the good of others gives glory to God.  There are many verses in the Bible about sacrificial giving, https://www.pureflix.com/insider/10-bible-verses-about-sacrifice-and-jesus-love

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Tomorrow’s reading: 2 Samuel 3:6-4:12